[Link]  Impressions from Scotland
[Link]  Impressions of Colorado
[Link]  Japan
[Link]  A visit to the Royal Gorge
[Link]  Biking from China to Vietnam
[Link]  Vance's Cabin
[Link]  Going big: Kokomo Pass
[Link]  Germany
[Link]  Tying the knot
[Link]  First trip to Moab
[Link]  Cycling around the Rampart Range reservoir
[Link]  Helloween Party
[Link]  Belvedere Hut
[Link]  Hiking the Crags
[Link]  A weekend at Pueblo Lake
[Link]  Hiking Mt. Bierstadt
[Link]  Hiking Mt. Quandary in the snow
[Link]  Mueller State Park
[Link]  XTerra Central Championship 2003
[Link]  Sporting Events
[Link]  Paintball
[Link]  Taos, NM
[Link]  Miscellaneous Pictures

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